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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Start of Something NEW!!

Today is the start of something NEW! 

I am beginning to add in Slim to 6 to my weight loss journey.  Slim to 6 is a simple 6 week plan for losing weight and eating healthy.  

It’s about controlling your portions, paying attention to everything you eat, being consistent 5x a day eating schedule, hydrate and cleanse by drinking water, fortify with a multivitamin, Refrain from eating at the wrong times. 

Slim to 6 requires that you are honest about your weakness.  The goal is to follow the Slim Training regimen for 6 days a week—keeping the intensity as high as possible. (while still keeping it comfortable for you.)

What is the commitment?

Its 36 workouts provide on a DVD for you to do your in home at your convenience that you would complete within a month and a half.  It may seem like a L.O.N.G time to some of you, but when you see how much fat you’re losing you’ll be so excited.  

Equipment that Slim to 6 recommends having:

Resistance Bands
Hand Weights
Floor Mat (preferably a padded one)

The eating plan is NORMAL food that you can buy at the grocery store.  No need to run to a Trader Joes or Whole Foods Store.  The program is based on Michi’s Ladder.  It’s a Three Tier Plan.  Eating from Tier One provides the best choice of foods.  Eating from Tier Two is the second best.  If you ate from Tiers One & Two, you would have a near perfect diet.  

Email me for more details if you want to join me. It’s fun and it sure will get you moving!

July 22, 2011

My name is Kimberly and I am on a weight loss journey to a healthier me. You see three years ago the day after Christmas I was shopping at Target.  Actually, I was parked in a handicapped space in front of the store and I noticed this man watching me finish up a conversation while gathering my stuff to exchange.  This man then followed and waited for me by the Customer Service Department and proceeded to follow me around.  Finally, he leaves me alone. 

Now mind you I cannot run.  I have Charcot Marie Tooth Disease and at the time a HUGE screw going through my knee.  I was also having moments of migraine headaches that would cause spots before my eyes eventually ending in emergency surgery to install a shunt into my brain to release spinal fluid pressure. 

As I leave the store and go to my car, I see something on the window of the door.  This mean mean man had left me a very nasty note!  It basically said with several expletives that "...fat people have no having a ........handicap parking permit.  Stop eating like a .........pig, you......!" 

I stormed back into that store ready to take that man's head off.  I even took security with me to find him.  No luck, he was gone already.  To this day I can see that man.  I have actually seen him in Target and made a comment close enough to him that he knows, I know who he is.  I have also mentioned to him that hate crimes are punishable with jail time and that the FBI would love to know what he did.  He's a retire FBI guy!!  There is a tape and I have the card sealed in a bag.  Wanna try me?? 

So, that story was enough to wake me up that I was overweight, BUT, I do had health issues to work with still so not much happened then besides being depressed and angry.

Then....the reality check that rattled my nerves happened.

I lost a friend who suffered a massive heart attack due to Hypertension.  I have had extremely high blood pressure and never really realized that you can die from it unexpectedly.

Recently, I had hand surgery and while the anesthesiologist inserted an IV, he told me that hypertension is the leading cause of death in women other the breast cancer.  I blew him off because it would never happen to me.  I am a wife and a Mom to four boys.  I have too much here on earth to do before I go home.  I want to see my kids graduate, get married and of course spoil my grand-kids silly then send them home to their parents.

Then, on January 12, 2011 Michelle was found dead in her house.  She has forever unknowingly changed my life.  I immediately set out to call the doctor to schedule an appointment to take of myself.  I cried for days and my blood pressure was sky high.  The doctor was extremely worried about me.  I promised to chill for a few days and let the medicine do the work it needed to do to stabilize my blood pressure. It slowly has and still has room for more improvement. 

As of this post, I am just shy of 40 pounds and have 66 more to go before I hit my FINAL GOAL!!  I can and am doing this little by little.  

My only regret is that I had to lose a friend to realize I needed to get moving.  If her family knew that she didn't die in vain, that would be the best gift yet.  I know Michelle is watching and cheering for me every day and every step of the way!! 

I miss you my friend.


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