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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Time Flies...

Well, to say the least, this week has flown by and it's time to leave again.  I have had meetings and clients to deal with since I got back from my cruise.  Four babies where born in the last two weeks and two babies were born while I was away.  Now, what's really strange is that none of these moms were due until at the earliest December 6.  The last was to deliver around Dec 29, 2011.  Just proves, machines are not as good as Doctors think AND babies come when their ready. 

I absolutely LOVE what I do in real life.  In real life, I coach moms on having a Natural & Normal childbirth. I am not a martyr and do not expect all moms to have a natural unmediated birth.  I believe that if they want to achieve that they can.  However, one must believe themselves they can do it.


We as women love to tell how we delivered our babies.  Some have pleasant stories and some have stories so scary that general anesthesia and a Cesarean don't look so bad.  I was able to have all four babies medication free.  My sister on the other hand was signed up for an Epidural at conception.  She wasn't even going to try since she was in my deliveries and found out that babies don't come from the Stork at the age of 28.  I remember her screaming, "THAT"S A BABY!!" over and over.  I looked up at her and said, "Really, your just now figuring this out?"  If you knew my sister, it's entirely possible.  

I also teach Childbirth Classes and Breastfeeding Classes.  Which is where I am off to tomorrow.  I am taking a Certification Class to up my skills in Breastfeeding.  It's a week long class and I am very anxious to know what more I could possibly learn about breastfeeding that I don't already know.  We shall see.

The boys were hunting again and did very well.  We are well stocked until next year with Venison any way you want it.  We also gave a bunch to families who we know were laid off from the Space Center and who enjoy Venison as well.  I'll post some "clean" hunting pictures when I  get back.

The cruise was great.  The boys and their cousin Mackenzie & Bella had a blast.  The itinerary was done on a poor schedule and we missed a lot on land. It's a good thing the adults had been to Nassau, Freeport and Key West so many times.  The kids didn't know any better.  Thank goodness!   More to come on that and great pictures to share as well.

Oh, and yes today was the Mims Christmas Parade.  It was so much fun.  This is a redneck parade and not a ton of floats and all the craziness that other parades have.  This parade is mainly decked out ATV's, Fire Trucks, Tractors and Horses.  It's a packed parade and the kids have the best time scrounging for candy. After all that was over, there was a bake sale at the Volunteer Fire Dept and a cook out at the main Fire Dept.

All I can say, is that those boys can cook!!!    

Have a great week and I promise after this next week my life will slow back down and my blog will be back to normal.  I really miss cooking.  Shhh, don't tell my MacGyver I said that.


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  1. Wow. I'd love to hear more about what you do. The whole natural childbirth thing...Glad to know I know and expert if I ever need one. (For an article that is.)


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