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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!!

In today's world to make it to 50 years is a true blessing from God and a commitment from two people here on Earth to one another.  In this case, my husbands parents have been married 50 years!

We had the best time celebrating up at the Jackson Hole.  That's the name of our hunt camp and it was the perfect place to do it.  The beautiful outdoors and all the family together with a BUNCH of kids.

This was just our gang as well as his sisters gang.  We had about 22 others off to the side waiting to get back to playing.

 The favorite thing to do before dinner, tractor rides.  By the way, the Georgia chair is NOT ours!!!

 This is my sons hunt stand.  It also works as our fire tower when brush fires are near and we need to see which way the fire is coming.

The kids having a typical kid dinner.  They made the center piece cute!

Our nephew, Matthew being silly.  Freaked my mother-in-law out.

My baby walking through the trees on a plank 8 feet up.  Please don't fall!!!

Congratulations, here's to another 50 years...well maybe 25.

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  1. That looks like an awesome day...And brings back memories of playing around in camps just like that. Glad the weather was so great. Makes me miss a nice Florida fall afternoon.


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