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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Back from Cruise and then M.I.A.

Before I left, my desktop was having some issues with starting up.  I figured when I got home and it having the week off it would be all better and start right up for me.

Well, after 7 days it was still pretty darn sick and would have to see a specialist to fix it.

Thank goodness I have a brother in law who knows how to treat sick computers.  I took it straight to him the day I returned and just now have gotten it back.

I was SO lost all week without my computer.  I tried to get into my blog from my son's laptop, but of course I had forgotten my password and when I tried to rest it, I couldn't because I did know the password to my email account it was to be sent to.  I always hit that little button that says "remember me" and I never write it down.  I figure that I'll remember it and writing it down won't be necessary.

Apparently, now that I'm 41, it seems it is necessary to write them down and make them something I can remember as well or at least *try* to remember.

Anyway, I'm back and had a great cruise.  Seas were good to us and no one in my group was sick.  Now the cruise before, I heard those passengers never left their cabins because they were so sick.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.


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  1. Glad you are back. I know that is frustrating.The whole password thing. I have one saved for a bank account on one computer and that computer was offline all last week. UGH. I could never remember the password to check on the other -- which entailed called them. I want to hear about the cruise. Hope you had a fabulous time.


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