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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Start of Something NEW!!

Today is the start of something NEW! 

I am beginning to add in Slim to 6 to my weight loss journey.  Slim to 6 is a simple 6 week plan for losing weight and eating healthy.  

It’s about controlling your portions, paying attention to everything you eat, being consistent 5x a day eating schedule, hydrate and cleanse by drinking water, fortify with a multivitamin, Refrain from eating at the wrong times. 

Slim to 6 requires that you are honest about your weakness.  The goal is to follow the Slim Training regimen for 6 days a week—keeping the intensity as high as possible. (while still keeping it comfortable for you.)

What is the commitment?

Its 36 workouts provide on a DVD for you to do your in home at your convenience that you would complete within a month and a half.  It may seem like a L.O.N.G time to some of you, but when you see how much fat you’re losing you’ll be so excited.  

Equipment that Slim to 6 recommends having:

Resistance Bands
Hand Weights
Floor Mat (preferably a padded one)

The eating plan is NORMAL food that you can buy at the grocery store.  No need to run to a Trader Joes or Whole Foods Store.  The program is based on Michi’s Ladder.  It’s a Three Tier Plan.  Eating from Tier One provides the best choice of foods.  Eating from Tier Two is the second best.  If you ate from Tiers One & Two, you would have a near perfect diet.  

Email me for more details if you want to join me. It’s fun and it sure will get you moving!


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